In Canada, a consumer is considered to be anyone from the general public who has access to a product that is advertised, imported or sold in Canada. Products sold via retail to a consumer must comply with Canada consumer label requirements as per CCCR, 2001 regulations. The term “used by a consumer” distinguishes the product from chemical products that are used by workers in an industrial setting or other workplace. Workplace chemicals are governed by the requirements of Canada’s Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System established under the Canada Hazardous Products Act and associated Controlled Products Regulations (CPR).

Chemical products used by consumers and regulated under the CCCR, 2001 are exempt from WHMIS labeling requirements under paragraph 12(f) of the HPA. But the reverse is not true. All chemical products available to the general public must meet the CCCR, 2001 requirements. Statements such as “For Industrial Use Only” on the label do not remove consumer products from the requirements of the CCCR, 2001.

Manufacturers, are your products sold to industrial or institutional buyers in Canada, the United States or Mexico, then re-sold or distributed for use by consumers? How do you prove your product labels meet the applicable consumer product labeling requirements in these countries? To learn more, contact SDSpro Regulatory Services today at or call (877)673-7776. Is this you? We can help.

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