SDSpro has helped many companies streamline their SDS and Chemical Inventory Management process, as well as align with GHS. Here are a few testimonials from happy customers.

Energy Service Company
“MSDSpro has conducted our onsite chemical inventories for several years. We are a power utility company which operates 24-7-365; we know we can count on this first-rate MSDSpro solution. The Onsite Chemical Inventory Assessment Service is highly functional, technologically advanced and consistently exceeds our expectations! The MSDSpro inventory team’s carefully executed physical chemical audits ensure we continue to meet OSHA’s Right-to-Know Act in an cost-effective and efficient manner that we could not have achieved on our own. We highly recommend MSDSpro to any company.”

Energy Service Company logo, customer testimonials

Safety Manager
Energy Service Company

“SIAST has been establishing the chemical inventory for many years which has been a never-ending and challenging task. Besides it being time consuming, the proper data had to be captured and accurately reflect inventory and all of the MSDS information. MSDSpro onsite chemical inventory team was hired to complete this large and detailed task. The team was extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable (along with being very positive and cheerful) in their field. I can only say great things about this team and their completion of this particular task and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a chemical audit solution.

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Thanks so much Arman, Jesse and Wally.”

Chugach Electric Testimonial

“I have been at this job capacity for 3 years and have had the opportunity to utilize MSDSpro’s Mobile Data Collector (MDC) for the past couple of months. I personally can tell you that having the MDC/scanner is a blessing!

Because we have just recently upgraded our contract with MSDSpro procuring the MDC and the laser barcode scanner, I am basically starting from scratch which means scanning the entire UPC of each product we have in numerous locations. The leg-work I am doing is tedious and labor intensive but the real benefit will be significant next year and in the years to come when I do the Hazmat inventory on an annual basis.

MSDSpro’s technical support personnel (Stephen Crisel and Arman David) have worked with our company updating the product based on our needs such as SARA reporting capability, ad hoc reporting and other features we feel necessary to expedite the Hazmat Inventory. For what it is designed for, in general, the MDC/Laser Barcode Scanner is a great tool to have.
The device is user-friendly (simple to use), handy (not bulky), it has great storage capability, a time-saving device etc. I highly recommend this product!”

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What Volvo is Saying About MSDSpro

“I can attest that the services provided by MSDSpro have been great. Literally, the entire project – from initial concept and sales discussions to implementation meetings, data entry, training and tech support have all been great. MSDSpro’s customer focus is evident and present throughout the entire process.

When help and support is needed, I am always sure to get a quick and effective response. I would not at all be reluctant to recommend MSDSpro to any company who is looking to implement an electronic MSDS system.”

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George Stasko
Health, Safety & Environmental Affairs

A Testimonial from Nibco, Inc.
“MSDSpro Enterprise was the third of five that we were going to evaluate. Once I saw your program, I told the other team members that this was the product to use, handsdown. Installation only took thirty minutes, as opposed to almost two hours for the others. Your program is also the only one that we came across that allowed us to use any type of scanner to import our own MSDS sheets. The other programs (we evaluated) all required specific scanners.

Being responsible for the server which this will be installed on, as well as the maintenance of the software, yours really shines. Installation required no reboots, and the fact that I only have to stop one service (for your web server), to perform upgrades to the program is outstanding. I think you have an awesome product here, and would be happy to recommend it to anyone looking at MSDS software.”
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G. Exum
Technical Analyst

A Testimonial from Navistar International
“My positive experience with MSDSpro can be summed up by the word “simplicity”. The program is easy to setup, utilize, and pull information from. We use a LAN and the MSDSpro software works seamlessly producing high quality documents.”

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M. Redmann
Navistar International

A Testimonial from Westinghouse Electric
“Our experience with the MSDSpro software to date has been great. MSDSpro is user friendly, especially for the end users, and provides us an excellent vehicle for MSDS management. We have received excellent technical support from MSDSpro, and would recommend this product to anyone considering MSDS management software.”

Westinghouse logo, customer testimonials

W. Rummel
Westinghouse Electric Company

A Testimonial from Northwest Aluminum Company
“Northwest Aluminum Company has evaluated over 10 competitive MSDS packages. We found that MSDSpro has everything we needed, it was easy to train users and the Enterprise networking solution is the easiest to implement that we have found. It doesn’t take a computer “geek” or rocket scientist to implement MSDSpro. We are very satisfied.”

B. Roth
Northwest Aluminum Co.

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