Perfect for a single computer and easy EHS compliance.

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Total SDS & Chemical Inventory Management from a single desktop
  • Powerful and affordable standalone solution
  • Easy to use and handles all types of SDSs
  • Fast SDS binder creation, updating and tracking
  • Automatic manufacturer direct SDS updates
  • Simplifies regulatory reporting & OSHA compliance
Functional Overview

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Internet Downloads

Leverage the power of the internet with SDSpro Classic by importing your SDSs directly from the manufacturer…at NO CHARGE!

  • Locate the SDS you need on the manufacturer’s web site
  • Import it into SDSpro and add the needed product data
Internet Download Screens
SDSpro Classic Downloads SDSs from the Internet
Automatic SDS Updates at No Charge

 Easy access to SDS updates at the touch of a button. Eliminate the challenge of updating and maintaining your SDSs

  • Update your SDSs 24-7-365 for free
  • Click the update from internet button and instantly capture the most current SDSs available
  • Archive old SDSs for “Cradle to Grave” OSHA and WHMIS compliance

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Total Chemical Inventory Management
  • Track and report chemical details and locations (unlimited)
  • Produce the SARA Title III/Tier 2 report automatically
  • Track chemical quantities and thresholds (TPQs)
  • Barcode scanning for updated chemical inventories
  • Instantly generate multiple chemical inventory reports

Accurate tracking of chemical products by location, ingredients, weight percentages and regulatory flags helps keep your entire chemical inventory compliant, easier to update and faster to report.

More Standard Features

SDSpro Classic is loaded with more features than other programs out there.

  • SDSpro is NOT modular and includes everything you need for EHS, OSHA, GHS & WHMIS compliance
  • No extra charge for labels, reports, authoring or any other tool you need
  • 100% upgradeable! Need your SDSs available on the company intranet?

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Powerful Reports

Powerful reports put critical product, inventory and regulatory compliance data at your finger tips. Choose one of the many pre-built reports to quickly access your data.

  • Product and inventory
  • Chemical and ingredients
  • Regulatory compliance

Create, save and export virtually any report you need with SDSpro’s Custom Report Generator.

  • Robust and easy to use
  • Create custom reports from thousands of fields
  • Export to Access, Crystal Reports, Excel and the most popular programs
  • Take Control of your inventory
Container Labels (NFPA, HMIS, GHS, WHMIS & DOT)

Right-to-Know (RTK) label printing at no additional cost.

  • NFPA-National Fire Protection Agency
  • HMIS – Hazardous Material Identification System
  • GHS – Global Harmonization System
  • WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
  • DOT Shipping Labels – Department of Transportation

Print secondary container labels in various sizes from large containers down to small spray bottles.

Label Printing - One of SDSpro's Many Features
Label Printing – One of SDSpro’s Many Features

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Binder Creation, Updating & Editing
Binder creation, updating and editing

Creating binders for your employees is fast, simple and easy.

  • Instantly generate binders by department or location
  • Easily create electronic Multi-file (TOC w/links), PDF or paper binders of your SDSs
  • Lists hazards, PPE, emergency contacts, summary sheets, synonyms, etc.
  • Save binder on a CD, thumb drive, other electronic media or print your binders on paper
  • Easily accessible via smartphone, tablet, PC or any portable computer for convenient electronic access




Easily Archive Outdated SDSs

Simple and compliant SDS archiving with SDSpro Classic.

  • Simply select the product no longer in use, click a button and they are instantly moved to the archive
  • If the same product re-enters your inventory, just reverse the process and you are done!
  • Meets the document retention requirement for “Cradle to Grave” OSHA and WHMIS compliance

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Author New SDSs

Author your finished product SDSs quickly with SDSpro Classic and eliminate the frustration of authoring SDSs today.

  • Professional USA HCS 2012 authoring template
  • Powerful phrase library for easy “drag & drop” composition
  • Includes drop down menus, pictograms and GHS phrases to assist with authoring
  • PDF publishing, no Adobe® license required
  • Customer tracking and SDS update tools
  • SDS version control with global changes for mass updates
  • Optional Spanish and French phrase libraries available
Author Original (M)SDSs

Have questions on the Global Harmonization Standard (GHS) and/or REACH?
Do you need to author multi-jurisdictional SDSs? and/or in multiple languages?
Click here to learn more SDSpro’s Authoring Services.

Import and Export Information

SDSpro Classic keeps your information flowing even outside of SDSpro’s chemical inventory and SDS management.

  • Information can be imported and “mapped” from existing spreadsheets and databases
  • Data can be exported from SDSpro for use in reporting and other systems
  • You own and control all your data and SDSs

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System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems:
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Vista
Recommended Hardware Requirements:
  • 1GHz Processor (2Ghz Recommended)
  • 1 GB RAM (2GB Recommended)
  • 500MB min of free HD space

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“I worked for a company who used SDSpro.  When I decided to go out on my own, I wanted to make sure that I was getting the best software that would suit my company’s needs and not one I was merely familiar with.  After researching other SDS-managing software systems, I realized that SDSpro offered the easiest, most efficient, and comprehensive managing system and was much more reasonable in price.  Not only am I more than satisfied with the software, but the people have been accessible, helpful, and friendly- the sales rep, the account manager, the developer…  I didn’t realize that when I purchased SDSpro, I also bought in to a team who cared about my success.”

Jennifer Tetreault, HazCommpliance LLC

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