Web Inventory Manager (WIM)

Keeping product inventory up to date can be a challenge. When a business spans multiple facilities, inventory can become a nightmare. SDSpro Web Inventory Manager allows remote users to view and update inventory information through an easy to use web browser interface. This can distribute the load of inventory management and allow inventory information to be entered at the source without the need for SDSpro client connections.

Feature Set

  • Real time inventory
  • User level security by location
  • Printable inventory worksheet
  • Add, remove, or change Inventory directly from the web
  • Users can update all of the information required for Tier II reporting (including facility information)
  • Printable reports such as Last Reviewed By and Dates
  • Automatically create product records from new SDS requests

Enhanced Data Quality

With the Web Inventory Manager, data is entered directly into SDSpro. Eliminating complex systems for getting inventory information from different facilities to a central location for entry into SDSpro reduces the potential for errors. Also, the employees responsible for inventory will be able to directly verify the information in the system.

More Current Data

With an easy to use and maintain system such as the Web Inventory Manager, it is much easier for separate
locations to keep their inventory up to date on an ongoing basis. This eliminates the reporting time crunch,
helps to provide accurate inventory and SDS information throughout the year.

Easier Inventory Oversight

Tools and reports allow you to facilitate the inventory review process. These tools include emails to managers without current inventory and reports to see who has validated their inventory and when.

Reduced Central Processing

Many companies have separate locations enter their inventory data on paper or spreadsheets and then send that information to a central location for entry into SDSpro. The Web Inventory Manager eliminates these steps, since different locations enter data directly into SDSpro.

Cost Savings

By reducing the amount of work that is required to maintain the inventory and eliminating data duplication, there is a substantial impact to the bottom line. SDSpro can help you build an accurate ROI for your business.


SDSpro Web Inventory Manager provides a powerful tool for inventory management. By empowering personnel at different facilities, while still retaining centralized oversight and control, inventory data can be more current and accurate than ever before. For more information about the Web Inventory Manager, please call (888) 673-7776 to talk to a SDSpro consultant.

The Web Inventory Management Process

Step 1 – Web Inventory Manager is accessed from a link on the main SDSpro Employee Intranet screen:

Web Inventory Manager (WIM) Step 1

Step 2 – Log on screen for authorized personnel ( (e.g., SDS administrator, safety coordinator, inventory manager)
Web Inventory Manager (WIM) Step 2

Step 3 – Logged in users may now view, add, and update SDS inventory information from this screen. Once the changes have been saved, the SDSpro database is automatically updated with the new inventory:Web Inventory Manager (WIM) Step 3

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