The ultimate chemical authorization request and inventory system. SDSpro WORKflo offers more SDS management functionality, technology and value than any other SDS and chemical inventory solution.

Integrated Chemical Authorization and ControlSDSpro WORKflo

  • Avoid questions like “Where did this chemical come from?”
  • Reduce cost: avoid redundant chemical purchases
  • Browser based Chemical Authorization Request (CAR)
  • Configurable approval list and sequences process
  • Increase communication through WORKflo to ensure all parties authorizing chemicals are notified in sequence

*Note: SDSpro WORKflo is an optional add-on for SDSpro Enterprise

Product Overview

Account for every chemical in your workplace with an efficient monitoring and tracking system in place.

  • Minimize chemical authorization costs and reduce paperwork
  • Avoid purchasing and use of unauthorized chemicals
  • Increase bulk discounts through standardization of purchasing habits
  • Streamline SDS management by purchasing authorized chemicals already in use
  • Track who is authorized to use any chemical in your facility
  • Includes Enterprise functionality
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The Chemical Authorization Request Process
SDSpro helps define the chemical authorization workflow – Click for larger image

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