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Consumer Product Labeling Requirements – Canada

In Canada, a consumer is considered to be anyone from the general public who has access to a product that is advertised, imported or sold in Canada. Products sold via retail to a consumer must comply with Canada consumer label requirements as per CCCR, 2001...

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Consumer Product Labeling Requirements – Mexico

All products intended for retail sale in Mexico must be labeled in Spanish prior to being imported into Mexico. Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM) is the name of each of a series of official, compulsory standards and regulations for diverse activities in Mexico. Products...

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Consumer Product Labeling Requirements – USA

Manufacturers that make their products available to the general public for purchase at USA retail or online outlets must comply with United States labeling regulations as outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), even if the intended use is as an...

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OEHHA’s California Proposition 65 warnings for Glyphosate

In July 2017, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) added Glyphosate to the Proposition 65 list of carcinogens, based on a finding by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) that Glyphosate...

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OSHA Raises Employer Penalties for 2019

Source: OSHA Gov OSHA Penalties Below are the maximum penalty amounts adjusted for inflation as of Jan. 23, 2019. (See OSHA Memo, Jan 23, 2019). Type of Violation Penalty Serious Other-Than-Serious Posting Requirements $13,260 per violation Failure to Abate $13,260...

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ABB Warns Of Challenging Conditions Ahead

source: Conditions over the next decade are likely to become more challenging with considerable uncertainty and disparity of performance throughout the chemical industry, warns ABB in the first of a newly-released, two-part white paper...

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