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Competing Products

I’m using a commercial competing product but might switch to SDSpro. Can SDSpro give me a good deal?

Yes, SDSpro offers Competitive Upgrade discounts of up to 25% for organizations that are currently using other qualifying SDS products or services. To qualify for a discount, you must show proof of purchase (original invoice or purchase order).

Qualifying SDS software should compare to SDSpro Classic, SDSpro PlusWeb, Saas, or SDSpro Enterprise. Qualifying SDS services will include SDS fax-back services and live operator services.

The SDSpro Competitive Upgrade ensures your organization receives the very best SDS product available as it includes an ongoing Software Maintenance Agreement

If you have any questions concerning our discounts, call your SDSpro consultant at 1-888-673-7776.

We’re thinking of building our own SDS solution in house. Why should we consider SDSpro instead of building our own SDS solution in house?

You should consider SDSpro instead of building your own SDS solution in-house because it will save your company and IT department more time, more money, and many headaches. SDSpro has over 15 years of development experience, 150,000 lines of code, and has been used by thousands of customers. SDSpro has already proven to drastically reduce SDS management time and costs. It is also very affordable.

What are the risks and challenges of building your own SDS solution in-house?

  • Time, money, and resources aren’t dedicated to properly research the existing SDS problem and remain poorly defined.
  • Little or no time is spent in preliminary planning, and no standards are set for estimating preliminary costs or the timeline on the in-house project
  • The project team is not properly staffed, and user groups are not represented on the team
  • Information systems promise results that are never delivered
  • Users refuse to spend time helping the project team gather the requisite information
  • Users have no responsibility for the design, and the final SDS program reflects the vision of the technical staff. It does not go well with the structure, activities, and culture of the end-users and is ultimately rejected
  • The in-house SDS system is built only to meet current needs and there is no flexibility to anticipate the future needs of the company
  • The amount of time and money allocated to the project are underestimated
  • Programmers are supplied with incomplete specifications
  • Programmers write the in-house software and it is difficult to modify and maintain
  • Users are not adequately involved in the testing process or refuse to devote much time to help the test effort
  • Insufficient time and money are budgeted for converting from other systems
  • The SDS system and user documentation is inadequate
  • Provisions for system maintenance are inadequate, and costs increase over time

There are many risks with building your own SDS solution as you have to start the project from scratch. All too often, there is a communications gap between safety & health professionals and programmers and the new internal SDS system fails to meet business requirements of the end-users.

SDSpro works closely with information technologists every day to get successful results.  Once the IT department gets the chance to see how effective and easy to maintain SDSpro is, everyone wins! The only time we receive negative attitudes from IT departments is when they have not seen SDSpro in action and they make quick decisions based on prior technical knowledge and assumptions.

Building an internal system may seem like a good way to get what you want and save money, but realistically we have seen many, many internal SDS projects fail. Ask your IT department to speak with an SDSpro Consultant before deciding to pursue an internal development effort. Our consultants are available at 1-888-673-7776.

What are SDSpro’s Competitive Advantages?

This is the secret our competition has been trying to find out for years!

SDSpro has several competitive advantages that make us the number one market leader in SDS management. Some of our strengths include and are not limited to:


SDSpro chooses to build softwares in a database that is easier to use, install and maintain than any other software solution on the market. SDSpro also offers a robust program that allows for flexibility to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced SDS market.


SDSpro is always on the cutting edge of technology advancements and EH&S trends. SDSpro sees market opportunities and acts on them to take the lead in all areas of SDS management. SDSpro was the first solution provider to offer automatic Internet SDS updates, and took the lead in advanced Intranets, automatic network setups, fully integrated webserver/database/Intranet environments, integration of PDFs, and more.


Many of SDSpro’s competitors can’t offer the functionality we do for the prices we ask. SDSpro out-values the competition every day in advanced technology and functionality. SDSpro has always been able to outgun the other SDS products when compared to apples to apples.


We pride ourselves on unmatched customer support and services. SDSpro receives accolades from customers about the level of our support in both personal technical assistance to timely software upgrades.

What is the difference between SDSpro and other companies that convert SDSs to text?

SDSpro offers storage, retrieval, and creation systems for SDSs. SDSpro allows you to keep the original SDS direct from the manufacturer in many formats: ANSI 16 section, PDF, HTML, scanned images, and text. Here are the main differences between SDSpro and other companies that convert SDSs to text:


  • Original manufacturer SDSs are entered into SDSpro, free of charge by customers
  • Optional SDSpro data entry services can enter original manufacturer SDS into SDSpro for you

SDS Conversion Services From Other Companies

  • Converts SDSs to a single standard format
  • Pay-per-SDS fee
  • Pay-per-SDS revision
  • Prices range between $10 – $44 per SDS (general industry pricing)
  • Not the original manufacturer SDS
  • Less control over data entry
  • SDS liability still falls on your company, not the conversion service company

In order to get an estimate of how much SDS conversion services can cost you, take the number of SDSs you have, multiply the amount by a minimum of $10 and you’ll have a general idea. Take into account that you must purchase the software or services to host and deliver those converted SDSs.

Other SDS conversion companies, as you can see, quickly add up to be very expensive. SDSpro, on the other hand, offers a one-time purchase and all SDSs can be entered for free.

What is the difference between price and cost at SDSpro?

SDSpro strives to show true value for your software purchase, and SDSpro feels it is important to distinguish between PRICE and COST. Price is what you pay for the SDSpro software and the services that are offered with it. That price includes any specific items you purchase, and will vary depending on your specific needs and which SDS vendor you choose to do business with. Cost, on the other hand, is not set in stone. As a matter of fact, your cost can outweigh price if you don’t choose carefully. Here is the real difference in terms of price between SDSpro and other companies that convert SDSs to text:

Vendor #1
Vendor #2
Hypothetical price
Year 1 cost (maintenance, fees)
Year 2 cost (maintenance, fees)
Year 3 cost (maintenance, fees)
Total true cost

So, even though initially the price may look the same, what is going to be your company’s true cost? That depends on which vendor, technology, and services you choose. SDSpro has proven time and time again to be the lowest true cost for our customers, guaranteed. Call an SDSpro Consultant today to get more information on prices and to understand how SDSpro can help you cut some costs: 1-888-673-7776.

What kind of standard features does SDSpro include?

SDSpro offers many standard feature options that other SDS companies will charge you for. Many of our SDS competitors charge extra for secondary container labeling, report writers, SARA Title III reporting and other “Modules”. As always, SDSpro offers these as standard features and at a better price.

SDSpro Classic offers the following standard features:

  • One-touch automated SDS binder creation
  • Automatic downloads of SDS from the Internet
  • Handles all types of SDS: Text, Images, PDF and HTML
  • SDS Authoring in multiple formats (with phrase library)
  • Track manufacturers, customers and various SDS requests
  • Automated manufacturer update requests sent by mail or electronically
  • Full chemical inventory management (SARA Title III, Tier 2)
  • Automated SDS Archiving for 30-year compliance
  • User definable fields to customize your needs
  • Search by product, synonym, manufacturer, storage and unit location, facility, stock numbers, ingredients, CAS and more
  • GHS authoring template and GHS label elements
  • Secondary container labeling
  • Import data from other SDS systems
  • Full reporting, Including SARA Title III (Tier 2), Form R
  • Powerful custom and ad-hoc reports
  • Assign unique product codes to SDS
  • Automatically flag products for upcoming revisions
  • Image compression to keep file sizes small
  • Create SDSpro Data Packages for transferring SDSs
  • Multiple security levels
  • Product summaries with NFPA/HMIS ratings & definitions
  • Step-by-step training guide
  • Multiple languages

SDSpro PlusWeb – All of the above SDSpro features, including:

  • Unlimited Intranet/Network distribution of SDS and Chemical Information to Web Browsers using an integrated, built-in Web Server
  • SDS requests through the Intranet
  • SDS Summaries displayed through the Intranet
  • Instant network setup

SDSpro Enterprise – All of the above SDSpro features, including:

  • Concurrent administrator access across multiple facilities
  • High-performance ODBC Client/Server database environment
  • Replication abilities
  • Integrated back-ups
Why is SDSpro better than a fax back service?

SDSpro has been helping companies streamline SDS management for over five years. Often, SDSpro competes with companies providing SDS fax back services. While Fax-back services at first seem simple and effective, there are several reasons to be cautious before relying on fax-back services alone. Some of these changes include:

  • Non-OSHA Compliance
  • Overall Cost
  • Leasing versus owning your SDSs
  • SDS quality issues
  • SDS response time
  • Inadequate SDS back ups

Non-OSHA Compliance
Fax back services are questionable for compliance because of the nature of the service. A fax machine creates a barrier between an employee and the SDS. If the fax machine fails and there is no backup for that SDS, the organization is not in compliance, and the employee could be in danger. Here is a statement directly from OSHA:

“… the downstream user of the chemical must have access to a fax machine or a barrier has been created. Employers must also ensure that employees know how to access an SDS from such a system and that a back-up exists in case the primary system fails.”

John B. Miles, Jr., Director
Directorate of Compliance Programs

Overall Cost
Fax back services can end up costing your company more than a software program like SDSpro products because it is a subscription-based fee. In the long run, it becomes much more expensive to use fax back services than it does to manage SDSs with an effective tool such as SDSpro in-house.

Leasing Versus Owning Your SDSs
With many fax-back services, if you stop paying for the service, you are left to go gather your SDSs on your own and completely re-vamp your SDS program. Think of it like insurance. If you stop paying your insurance, there is absolutely no equity in your investment. Imagine your organization uses Fax-back services instead of maintaining hard copies in binders or a database. When the contract is over, what have you paid for? If you still have no SDS on-site, isn’t that the same as “renting” OSHA compliance until you are ready to “own” the SDS at your facility? Once the contract is over, you must begin collecting, updating, distributing and tracking the SDS you are missing in order to be compliant. With SDSpro, your organization owns everything, and never need to worry about being left out in the cold.

SDS Quality Issues
It is no secret that SDS are not always in very good shape upon arrival. Often, these documents have been photocopied and faxed many times, leading to a degradation of the original document’s quality. Some SDS fonts are so small that fax machines make them totally illegible. SDSpro delivers original SDSs higher in quality than fax back services provide.

SDS Response Time
In the event of an emergency, SDSs need to be accessible for employees, emergency workers, doctors, etc. Fax-back services can only guarantee to a certain degree immediate response times for delivering an SDS.

Inadequate SDS back ups
As OSHA states, in the event that the Fax-back system may not be operational, a proper backup needs to be in place. The safest way is in the form of the original manufacturer SDS. Some Fax-back services offer Internet-based backup systems as well. If the power goes out for fax machines, will the Internet connection still be available? If not, even this method of backing up creates a barrier to the SDS.

Why is SDSpro better than subscription based Internet services?

SDSpro offers automated Internet downloads direct from the manufacturers for free. Subscription-based SDS services that deliver SDSs over the Internet are different. While SDSpro is free, subscription-based SDS services charge you money.

With a subscription-based type of SDS service, customers submit a chemical inventory list (index) to the SDS vendor. The SDS vendor then manually contacts the manufacturers on the list. Those SDS are then scanned or electronically imported into the SDS Vendor’s servers, and their customers are allowed password-protected access to those SDS (User name and ID). While it seems to be an easy and cheap way to get the job done, serious uncertainties arise as to end-user access. Since the subscription-based SDS services are available with a live Internet connection, if the SDS Vendor (or their customer) experiences Internet server troubles, a barrier has been created between that SDS vendor and the employee. Before agreeing to purchase Internet-only based SDS services, one should consider these questions:

  • Does Internet password protection create a barrier to SDS access?
  • Does the subscription-based Internet service limit you to a certain format? (PDF, Image, etc)
  • Is your Internet connection guaranteed and backed up to always have access to SDSs?
  • Do all the employees have access to computers with an Internet connection in their immediate work area?
  • If you stop subscribing to the subscription-based Internet service, do you get to keep your SDSs?
  • Is a yearly fee more cost-effective than a one-time purchase of another solution?

Some of the SDS Internet Subscription companies have tried to address these questions by providing a small application that can store SDS or web links to SDS on a local computer, and perhaps deliver the documents on an Intranet. As long as the SDS is available to be printed out as a hard copy without any barriers, this is a working solution. Some key technology considerations:

  • The SDS should be saved to the local hard drive and be able to print hard copies
  • Vendor software that only maintains links to SDS saved elsewhere still creates a barrier
  • Internet subscriptions offer limited/no management capabilities (reporting, locations, back-ups, etc)
  • Not all organizations allow Internet access to employees


Can I share SDSs that I enter with other locations using SDSpro?


SDSpro helps eliminate SDS redundancy by allowing users to share SDSs, even if there is no internet network connection. The easiest way is with SDSpro Enterprise. With Enterprise, any number of facilities can take advantage of one another’s data-entry work.

For instance, if Facility #1 in California needs “Acetone”, and Facility #2 in Ohio already imported that SDS, Facility #1 would not need to re-enter it, rather just open the SDS already on the server.

For other versions of SDSpro, users can exchange all their SDSs by creating SDSpro Package Files and e-mailing them to one another (or put on disk/CD). This helps remote work locations save more time and money than re-importing and re-indexing duplicate SDSs.

How do I properly plan for a new SDS system?
Choosing to migrate from paper binders to SDS software is not a split-second decision. Much planning is needed in order to ensure a successful transition, and ultimately, accomplish your goals for compliance, safety, lower costs, more time, and better employee education.

SDSpro Consultants are professionals in assisting with the planning process for any SDS project, from a small installation to a global network. Here are some basic guidelines to help make your SDSpro implementation a success:

Have you outlined all of your SDS needs? Do you know what to search for?

What are short term costs? Long term? What is the 5 year outlook? Have you built a convincing case for spending the money? What is the return on your investment?

Have you set dates for software reviews? Making the purchase? Training?

Are Safety, Environmental and Information Systems ready to cooperate together on the project? What does each require? Has each department communicated this to one another?

Have you reviewed the different programs available? Do you understand the difference between each program? What is the average conversion and set up time? Do they meet your defined needs?

What is the delivery date? Is everyone involved who needs to be?

Does the software meet your expectations? What are your before and after results?

Who will keep up the system? What happens with employee turnover?

In most business cases, SDSs present a big paper problem. SDS administrators want a way to fix the problem, so they look for available SDS software. When the right software is selected as the program of choice, then it is time to convince others in the company that SDSpro is worth spending the money. Without identifying at least the basic procedures above, the odds of approval grow slimmer.

Let SDSpro help you plan accordingly for a successful implementation. Call your SDSpro consultant today at 1-888-673-7776.

Is SDSpro compliant with OSHA regulations?
SDSpro is a tool for helping make sure your company is always in compliance. While OSHA accepts electronic SDS distribution as a fully compliant method, keep this in mind:

SDSpro can help you be in compliance at all times, but someone needs to take ownership and be responsible for using it properly.

Even though electronic SDSs are wonderful for cutting down on time and money, OSHA mandates that there be a back-up system in place for access to SDSs at all times.

Whether you use software or fax-back services, we recommend having a back-up of the original SDS in a hard-copy format. Don’t worry, SDSpro does all this for you, down to the specific storage location.

OSHA is determined to make sure employers keep the SDS current and easily accessible to employees in their work area. OSHA’s outlook has been described with these six guidelines:

The employer must ensure that SDSs are readily accessible and that there are no barriers to employee access. This includes ensuring that reliable devices are readily accessible in the workplace at all times

The employer must ensure that workers are trained in the use of these devices, including specific software

The employer must ensure that there is an adequate back-up system for rapid access to hazard information in the event of an emergency including power-outages, equipment failure, on-line access delays, etc

The employer must ensure that (a) system of electronic access is part of the overall hazard communication program of the workplace

The employer must ensure that employees are able to obtain hard copies of the SDSs, if needed or desired

In case of emergency, the employer must ensure that mechanisms must be immediately available to provide emergency response personnel with hard copies of SDSs

To summarize, OSHA accepts many methods for managing SDS, as long as these six simple guidelines and the Hazard Communication Standards are followed.

Data Entry

Does SDSpro Archive Outdated SDSs?
SDSpro allows archiving for any outdated SDSs. This is important for thirty-year legislation and medical record exposure purposes. You might ask your local OSHA agent about your responsibility to archive SDSs.

Simply choose the SDSs to archive and select “Archive Product Record” from the “Selection” menu.

If using SDSpro’s “Update from Internet” tool to get the latest SDS from the manufacturer, SDSpro can automatically archive the previous version of the SDS for you.

If at any time the SDS needs to be reactivated, simply choose the SDS you need from the archives and choose to activate it, and all the indexed information you keyed in before will still be available.

Establishment of in-house libraries
SDSpro makes setting up your SDS library quicker and easier than any other program on the market. Organizations that choose to import their own SDSs instead of outsourcing the work can still do it efficiently and economically.

SDSpro handles every kind of SDS you might be provided with: Hard copies, text, PDF, HTML, etc. Simply import the SDS using our SDS Import Wizard and watch your SDS library grow.

With over 1.2 million SDSs available, at no charge on www.SDSprovider.com, SDSpro automatically indexes the product name and manufacturer information. If importing any other type of SDS, administrators can either index a few key fields or any field necessary to track the SDSs.

We offer training to help both database administrators and employees learn to benefit from all SDSpro has to offer.

How do I establish my organization’s SDS library?
Try www.SDSprovider.com, at no charge, and have access to over 1.2 million SDSs.

Complete, seamless use of SDSpro information is provided, such as inventory locations, company stock numbers, synonyms, product start dates, personal protective equipment, hazard information, inventory quantities and locations, and much more.

SDSpro will also accept Images, ASCII Text, HTML and PDF SDS document types from various sources, providing a flexible and efficient SDS distribution system.

We offer training to help both database administrators and employees learn to benefit from the many diverse uses of SDSpro.

How do I track SDSs and Chemical Inventories?
SDSpro primarily focuses on SDS document management and Chemical Inventory with the distribution of this information to those individuals or workgroups that need it.

Your organization can track Chemical Inventory and SDS information on three levels (Facility, Department/Unit, and Storage Location). An unlimited number of Facilities, Department/Units and Storage Locations can be added, providing a completely flexible inventory solution. Here is an example:

Acetone – Main Plant: Boiler Room: Shelf 11

Chemical ingredient classifications such as CAS numbers, TPQ values, Reportable Quantities, etc. are simple to add and maintain, and all are reportable.

SDSpro also includes automated SARA Title III (Tier 2 and Form R) reports to make Federal EPA and Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) compliance a simple task. (See Regulatory Reporting).

Database administrators can share access to the same pool of database information across multiple geographic locations and facilities, making joint database maintenance simple – and preventing duplicate data entry.

How does Archiving work in SDSpro?
SDSpro automatically archives any updated SDS for thirty-year employee protection legislation.

Archival of existing SDS documents and related Product information can occur when the database administrator updates a product from www.SDSprovider.com, our Internet option or selects groups of SDS records to be archived using the Archive option.

When any replacement SDS document is brought into SDSpro, the database administrator always has the option to archive the previous version, providing compliance for years to come.

Tell me how SDSpro gets populated with SDS documents
SDSpro makes entering SDSs extremely easy. Our services division averages 100 SDSs entered (Scanned and indexed) per day per person. Your SDS entry rates may vary, depending on how you get the SDS. Let’s look at this example:

SDS Source & Data Entry Time:

Internet web site & download – 2 – 7 minutes
Scanning and indexing – 3 – 8 minutes
Importing text & Indexing – 1 – 5 minutes
Importing from an existing database – Depends on the file structure

Authoring your own SDSs – Depends on the content of the SDS

Most SDS software only allows limited ways to enter SDSs. For instance, one program may only allow you to scan as an image, while another only allows PDF files. This severely limits you to a single format of SDSs and creates more work for you in the long run.

SDSpro allows you to convert all those binders into electronic format faster, easier and without limits on the type of SDS you need.

If it still seems like you have too many SDSs to enter on your own, call our toll-free number and ask about our Onsite Chemical Inventory Services. Our SDS consultants can answer any questions you have at: 1-888-673-7776.

Tell me more about SDSpro automatically updating my SDSs for free
SDSpro is the first to offer free SDS updating, all driven by technology and without a subscription or fee.

The secret is to download as many SDSs as you can from the Internet (we make this easy for you with SDSprovider.com). Many manufacturers make their SDSs available for download from their websites, and SDSpro can import any of them. Once you download the SDS, SDSpro will automatically detect if the manufacturer has updated the SDS, and download the new one for you. No more scanning, no fax machine needed, and no fee!

This means you could possibly update all of your SDSs in less than two seconds and by clicking a single button. Realistically, not all SDSs are available on the Internet at this time. We are, however, working on this and helping to bring more and more manufacturers Online that you purchase chemicals from.

There is a free SDS portal that gathers all the manufacturers making their SDSs available on the Internet. Visit www.SDSprovider.com to see how it works, and enjoy the power of instant SDS updates in no time.

What is the average SDSpro implementation time?
SDSpro is a complete turnkey SDS solution and is designed to minimize the time required to provide real, accurate SDS documents for your organizations’ use. Many systems of this nature take hours – even days to install and set up. SDSpro has absolutely the most advanced technology available, making implementation faster than any other system. Here is a breakdown:

SDSpro Enterprise Server (Both server and 2 clients) – 10 minutes
All other versions of SDSpro – 4 minutes or less

This may not mean too much now, but if you are purchasing any network system, technology should be a major concern. Not only are initial implementation times for competing systems longer and more cumbersome, but ongoing maintenance costs your company much more money in the long run than if you choose SDSpro.

An example of SDSpro in action:

SDSpro was competing for the business of a large company. Our competition went on-site for their presentation, spent two days installing their software and still never got it to work properly. SDSpro was able to guide the computer personnel over the phone with our own installation, and it took less than 10 minutes for everything, including the database, GUI, web server, browsers, and multiple administrative clients. As you might guess, we won the business.

Please consider that implementation time does not just mean installing the software, however. Depending on the size of the project, there may be training, multiple facilities, special cases, and proper planning.

SDSpro consultants are experts at planning any SDSpro implementation, and will assist with your Software Implementation Plan (SIP) for FREE.

Your organization will receive the latest SDSpro CD and the necessary installation information to get SDSpro installed and running immediately. SDSpro will assist with the initial implementation of SDSpro via phone, fax, and e-mail support. We achieve this because installation is seamless and virtually automated, even for network setup, directly from the SDSpro CD-ROM.


What database is SDSpro built in?
The secret to our success is called 4th Dimension (4D). It outperforms most other databases on the market, including Oracle, Sybase, Access, etc.

Most people consider this a brave statement, and we agree. We also prove it every day in better performance, faster installations, integrated web-servers, advanced data management, automated back-ups, full data-recovery tools, and a perfect track record for our customers.

Advantages of SDSpro built in 4th dimension:

The database, GUI, and Web Server are all integrated, making installation and maintenance easier than ever before. Compare this to Oracle, which needs to be set up and maintained separately.

All SDSs and indexed information are contained in a single data file, allowing complete data integrity and easy back-ups.

All TCP/IP connectivity is ready-to-go, out of the box, little or no extra configuring required.

SDSpro allows unlimited concurrent users on the Intranet and can have over 500 administrative “Clients” access the server simultaneously.

Even though some packages may be similar in database functionality, the final cost to your company can be substantially different depending on the choice in technology. SDSpro sets up in a few minutes, others need several hours dedicated from Information Technologists to even get the system ready to run. Once running, traditional technology limitations create overhead and costs that skyrocket over time.

SDSpro is proven to be the lowest cost program on the market while providing a management tool with more power than other SDS software. Call your SDSpro consultant for more information at 1-888-673-7776.

What is the difference between SDSpro Enterprise and PlusWeb?
Both SDSpro Enterprise and PlusWeb offer unlimited Intranet distribution and viewing of SDSs. So why use one or the other?

SDSpro PlusWeb is made specifically for one SDS administrator who needs a better way to update and maintain SDSs over a company network, and includes a built-in web server. This means data entry from just one computer, and unlimited network access to read-only SDSs.

SDSpro Enterprise is made for organizations that need a more robust Client/Server package that can allow for multiple data entry points. If three facilities in a company want to share SDSpro Enterprise and all need data-entry access for each SDS administrator, Enterprise is better than PlusWeb.

Take this little test and see which is right for you:

Do you need just one place to enter SDSs into SDSpro, yet you want employees to get the SDSs on your network and eliminate most of those binders?

If you answered “yes”, SDSpro PlusWeb can help you. If you answered “No”, then you might need to look at SDSpro Enterprise instead.


Does SDSpro really have a built-in Web Server?

SDSpro PlusWeb and SDSpro Enterprise have built-in Web Servers, making Web/Intranet distribution of SDS and Chemical Information a snap. It’s exceptionally fast, and maintenance-free.

No additional software, plug-ins, or files are necessary. The integrated “zero-admin” SDSpro Web Server completely eliminates the need for any Web Server software or operating system maintenance.

All SDSpro Web Server documents are dynamically created, with no special files to work with. Traditional web sites contain hundreds or thousands of files that must be updated and maintained. SDSpro’s Web Server produces high quality, fast Web access without the need for any files, since it’s completely database-driven.

Your computer support team will be amazed, and they will genuinely appreciate how simple and trouble-free the SDSpro Intranet is to deploy and maintain.

How can employees access SDSpro over my LAN or WAN?
It’s now very simple to meet the compliance level that OSHA requires within minutes, by allowing easy “point and click” SDS access over your LAN or WAN with SDSpro. Training usually takes less than five minutes for the average employee.

The employee who just needs access to SDSs for right-to-know receives read-only versions of SDSs through a web browser (This is on your network, not the Internet). Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox allow the employee to view or print the SDS he or she needs without having to search through cumbersome binders. This also means no more photocopying or updating binders by hand. for those updating the SDSs.

No additional software or plug-ins are necessary*. SDSpro has an integrated, built-in web server, which completely eliminates the need for any Web Server software or operating system maintenance. Your computer staff will be amazed, and genuinely appreciate how simple and trouble-free the SDSpro Intranet is.

For Database Administrators, SDSpro Enterprise is a true client/server relational database system (RDBMS), designed for organizations that have multiple SDS administrators or workgroups that require instant access from their various computer workstations.

* Acrobat Reader if using PDFs.

Tell me about SDSpro system/harware requirements
Supported Operating Systems:
• Windows 8
• Windows 7
• Windows Server 2008
• Windows Vista
• Windows XP & XP Professional
• Windows 2003

Recommended Hardware Requirements:
• 1GHz Processor (2Ghz Recommended)
• 1 GB RAM (2GB Recommended)
• 500MB min of free HD space

Bandwidth Requirements:
• Minimum 100kb
• Recommended 100MB


How do I justify to my company purchasing SDSpro?
Finally, just when you have spent several months evaluating many different SDS packages, the final SDS vendor has been selected, and all of the paperwork is in order. Then one or several people “upstream” strike down the request for SDS improvement monies.

A simple formula is to add up how many hours are spent on SDS management in any given week. This could be the sum of photocopying, updating by hand, calling manufacturers, training employees, searching the Internet, receiving faxes, etc.

Then take that number and multiply it by the number of weeks worked per year. That number is then multiplied by the hourly rate associated with the person(s) managing the SDS (If more than one person is responsible, use the average).

If more than one facility is involved in the process, multiply the total by the amount of locations to get a closer estimate of an overall cost. Here is an example of the formula:

Average hours spent on SDSs per week: 5
Weeks per year: 52

Multiply these and it comes to 260 hours per year. How much per hour is that? Let’s say it comes to $15.00 per hour.

260 X $15 = $3,900 per year.

Now let’s say there are 3 facilities. $3,900 X 3 = $11,700 spent on SDSs per year without SDSpro.

The ROI (Return on Investment) calculator is available for each product on this website. Simply run the calculator on the version that best fits your needs. You can also call your SDSpro Consultant today to learn more about how we can help show the total return on better SDS management. Call 1-888-673-7776 today.

How much does SDSpro cost?
SDSpro pricing is the most competitive in the SDS industry, and is available upon request.

Please contact a sales representative toll-free at 1-888-673-7776 or Contact Sales.


What services does SDSpro offer?
SDSpro is here to help with your SDS challenges, no matter what it calls for. Our services division prides itself on delivering turnkey SDS solutions for our customers.

SDSpro can help get you started right away. Just provide us with your SDSs or a list of your products & manufacturers, and we ensure you get the latest SDS along with indexing any fields in the database. Standard packages usually include importing the SDSs and indexing common fields such as Product name, manufacturer information, ingredients, CAS, revision date and label ratings.

When we deliver your SDSs, it is extremely easy to load into SDSpro and instantly have your entire SDS library up-to-date and ready for employees to view.

Still have some SDS information in an older system? No problem. We can import most any SDS information from existing systems, as well as connect SDSpro to other systems such as purchasing and inventory programs.

SDSpro offers on-site training, telephone training, even training packages at our headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska. call your services consultant today at 1-888-673-7776 for more information.


Does SDSpro provide on-going customer support?
SDSpro offers 24-hour online (Extranet) support for our customers, giving them unlimited access to Administrator Guides, Technical Documentation, and Software Updates as registered users, as well as access to our on-line Support Database.

SDSpro also offers phone, fax and e-mail technical support after initial startup is completed. Our annual Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) entitles our clients to unlimited telephone support, free software upgrades, and substantial discounts on our other products. The SMA is very affordable and is available in increments of one year to support our clients with the best possible software and expertise.

User Interface

How consistent are the SDS document formats for end users?
If using the original manufacturer SDS (Either scanned, PDF, HTML, etc), the SDSs will vary in format, just like the originals in your binders (Only now you’ll have better quality documents!)

Also included is the SDS authoring tool that allows manual creation of SDS records in the industry standard ANSI Z.400 (16 section) document format.

How do I access SDSpro through a web browser?
Once a network version of SDSpro is installed, simply type into the web browser URL bar the IP address (Internet Protocol) of the computer SDSpro is installed on. Your computer support personnel can also make this a shortcut on the desktop, or a link on your Intranet.

SDSpro sets up the server automatically, so each computer on the network automatically has access to SDSs. SDSpro allows unlimited access to SDSs, so you could possibly have thousands of simultaneous viewers around the world running at the same time and at no extra charge.

What are the Admin and End User interface differences?
There are two basic environments available within the network versions of SDSpro:

Database administrative users (data browsing, editing, reporting)
End-users (simple SDS browsing and printing)

The average employee (end-user) doesn’t need to be in the administrative environment making changes. They only need the viewing and printing portion to access the SDSs.

SDSpro PlusWeb, and SDSpro Enterprise allow unlimited employee network access through a Web Browser. Web Browsers can view and print all SDS documents and Chemical Information from your organization’s endorsed SDS document library.

SDSpro Enterprise allows database administrative user and end-user network access utilizing advanced Client/Server architecture. Licensing is based on simultaneous concurrent users, although the SDSpro Client software can be distributed freely.

Web Browser access to SDSpro is similar to performing searches on the Internet, but since it is on your organization’s network, it is much more reliable, faster, and safer than relying on the Internet.

SDSpro is not only easy to use, but is also much faster than standard file sharing database systems which are used by other SDS software systems.

What database fields can be used to search and sort on?
SDSpro allows custom searches and sorts in each of the following fields:

  • Product/Trade Name
  • SDS ID / number
  • Synonyms
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Common, Generic Name
  • Chemical Ingredients
  • CAS Numbers
  • Facility & Inventory Locations
  • Departments
  • GHS Info
  • SDS Revision date
  • Date SDS added, archived, or use ended
  • Stock codes
  • NFPA Hazard Ratings
  • HMIS Hazard Ratings
  • SARA Reporting Codes
  • 4 User Definable Numbers
  • 4 User Definable Alphanumeric
  • 2 User Definable Boolean (True/False)

…and all other fields in the database (too many to list here). SDSpro offers full control over searching and sorting using graphical search and sort editors. The search and sort editors are simple and easy to master, with powerful point-and-click features that don’t require a difficult query language. In addition, the search and sort templates can be saved to disk, so that at any time they can be reused.

What security levels are available for Users and Workgroups?
SDSpro keeps important compliance information safe and secure with four security levels. These security levels are assigned to specific Users or Workgroups with ease.

End-users (employees that simply need to view or print SDS documents) are not required to enter a password. Other User levels exist to allow browse access to information, with optional edit and deletion reserved for specific user levels. The Database Administrator (DBA) access level can assign passwords to any new or existing Users at any time.

SDSpro also allows for customized security permissions, depending on which features certain administrators need access to.

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